War Veterans Reunited

This December will be the 75th Anniversary of ‘The Battle of The River Plate’ – the first big battle of WW2 and the only combat to take place in South America.

In September, 3 veterans from the conflict, were reunited for the first time. With an average age of 93, old comrades Basil, Jim and Frank met in Cambridge. The British Legion has devoted  7 pages to this rare reunion.

Michael Clement photographs war veterans

Virgin Strive Challenge

Virgin Stive Challenge_Michael Clement 2 Virgin Strive Challenge_Michael Clement 1

Congratulations to the whole of the Virgin Strive Challenge team that have just successfully completed the journey from London to the peak of The Matterhorn in Switzerland.

The different legs of the journey saw the group complete three marathons from London to Dover, row the English Channel, cycle 900km to Verbier in Switzerland and hike seven days across the alps.

The event is raising money for Big Change, a charity founded by six friends including Sam Branson, Holly Branson, and Princess Beatrice. Other famous faces to take part in the marathon included Ben Ainslie, funnyman Jack Whitehall and singer Alexandra Burke.

I was commissioned to photograph Sam Branson (Richard Branson’s son) and Noah Devereux for a cover shoot for Virgin’s ‘Roger Magazine’.
Agency:  John Brown
Art Director:  David Boa
Assistant:  Todd Hickey
Illustrations: Alice Bowsher

“Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away”

Michael Clement_Circus 3

‘Circus Ginnett’ dates back over a hundred years and is a classic circus. A cast of just 8 artists not only perform but literally run the whole show from candy floss and tickets sales, cueing the music to the assembly of the ‘Big Top’.

The human side of the circus has regularly fuelled our fascination and curiosity. Who are these people and what are their daily lives really like? Their true selves guarded by painted faces and costumes.

My thanks to Anke and all the cast of Circus Ginnett.

Michael Clement_Circus 2Michael Clement_Circus 1Michael Clement_Circus 4Michael Clement_Circus 5Michael Clement_Circus 6 Michael Clement_Circus 7 Michael Clement_Circus 8Michael Clement_Circus 9 Michael Clement_Circus 10 Michael Clement_Circus 11 Michael Clement_Circus 12 Michael Clement_Circus 13 Michael Clement_Circus 14 Michael Clement_Circus 15 Michael Clement_Circus 16


‘A Taste of Honey’

‘The funfair occupies that transitional space between childhood and adolescence. Most of us first visit the fair in the company of our parents – but with the hope of one day returning independent, off the reins, free! It’s one of those romantic scenarios we imagine will populate our projected adulthood’.

Michael Clement_Fun Fair

10 Classic funfair movies

•  Coeur Fidele ( 1932)

•  Pinocchio (1940)

•  The Lady from Shanghai (1947)

•  Brighton Rock (1947)

•  Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948)

•  Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960)

•  A Taste of Honey (1961)

•  Paper Moon (1973)

•  Rollercoaster (1977)

•  Big (1988)


‘One of the most influential creatives in the UK’

Jude Kelly_Michael Clement PhotographyPortrait of Jude Kelly, The Southbank Centre’s Artistic Director


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