Landrover since 1948

Stephen Wilks OnelifeIt’s amazing to think ‘The Landrover’ has been around for over 60 years. Whilst photographing Stephen Wilks, it was fantastic to hear how his father, Maurice, developed the very first model immediately after the war. The feature and portrait can be seen in the current edition of ‘Onelife’ magazine.

For the same publication I had the honour of meeting David Attenborough. Photographing him with Tim Slessor reminisce over one of the first overland expeditions using early Landrovers.

David Attenborough and Tim SlessorDavid Attenborough and Tim Slessor-2


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2 responses to “Landrover since 1948”

  1. wendy carrig says :

    What an experience, and nice pictures too x

  2. wendy carrig says :

    Two of Britain’s Greats – Land Rover and David Attenborough together…!

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