Fiery Eruptions and Lava Streams

Lanzorote_Michael Clement 1



Lanzorote_Michael Clement 2Lanzarote_Michael Clement 3Lanzarote_Michael Clement 4Lanzarote_Michael Clement 5Lanzarote_Michael Clement 6Lanzarote_Michael Clement 7Lanzarote_Michael Clement 8Lanzarote_Michael Clement 9Lanzarote_Michael Clement 10Lanzarote_Michael Clement 11Lanzarote_Michael Clement 12Lanzarote_Michael Clement 13Lanzarote_Michael Clement 14Lanzarote_Michael Clement 15Lanzarote_Michael Clement 16Lanzarote_Michael Clement 17Lanzarote_Michael Clement 18Lanzarote_Michael Clement 19Lanzarote_Michael Clement 20Lanzarote_Michael Clement 21Lanzarote_Michael Clement 22Lanzarote_Michael Clement 23Lanzarote_Michael Clement 24Lanzarote_Michael Clement 25Lanzarote_Michael Clement 26

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2 responses to “Fiery Eruptions and Lava Streams”

  1. Wendy Carrig | Photographer says :

    Amazing light..

  2. Mrs C says :

    Likey like 🙂

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