“Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away”

Michael Clement_Circus 3

‘Circus Ginnett’ dates back over a hundred years and is a classic circus. A cast of just 8 artists not only perform but literally run the whole show from candy floss and tickets sales, cueing the music to the assembly of the ‘Big Top’.

The human side of the circus has regularly fuelled our fascination and curiosity. Who are these people and what are their daily lives really like? Their true selves guarded by painted faces and costumes.

My thanks to Anke and all the cast of Circus Ginnett.

Michael Clement_Circus 2Michael Clement_Circus 1Michael Clement_Circus 4Michael Clement_Circus 5Michael Clement_Circus 6 Michael Clement_Circus 7 Michael Clement_Circus 8Michael Clement_Circus 9 Michael Clement_Circus 10 Michael Clement_Circus 11 Michael Clement_Circus 12 Michael Clement_Circus 13 Michael Clement_Circus 14 Michael Clement_Circus 15 Michael Clement_Circus 16


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One response to ““Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away””

  1. Wendy Carrig | Photographer says :

    “The Greatest Show On Earth”
    Most enjoyable x

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