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Mercedes Magazine

Michael Clement PhotographyLondon Photographer Michael Clement

In the company of Shilpa Bhatnagar and  Julian van Marle and loaned a new C220, my day out around London just published for Mercedes, Conde Nast Germany. Thanks to Jenny Buchholz and Minna Rossi.

The Great Yaris Brain Teaser

Michael Clement_Yaris_Toyota

Recent commission for Toyota Magazine

Art Director: Sam Walker

Photo Assistant: Todd Hickey

Publishers:  Sunday

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The School Run

A recent commission for Toyota, took me to several locations around the country. 3 bloggers with families, were lent the new Prius + for a week, to see how the car helped them with the ‘School Run’. By the third shoot I’d definitely developed car envy.

TW3_PG42-47 Prius school run_des11.inddTW3_PG42-47 Prius school run_des12.inddTW3_PG42-47 Prius school run_des11.indd