Poster Campaign for The British Legion

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Studio:         Clapham Studios

Assistant:    Todd Hickey

Retouching:   Jamie Curry


“Battersea Ironsides”

A recent commission for The Rugby Journal

Rugby Issue 2 Battersea-1Rugby Issue 2 Battersea-2Rugby Issue 2 Battersea-3Rugby Issue 2 Battersea-4

‘The Sofas look better with dogs on them’

nikki Tibbles-1

Nikki Tibbles is the go to florist for celebrities at Wild at Heart. In last week’s You magazine she turned her attention to her love of dogs and discussed her dog rescue charity.

nikki Tibbles-2

Nikki Tibbles-6337 Final copy

Moonroast Coffee

Moonroast High res-18

The Uk is seeing a renaissance of small-scale producers setting up shop in their own homes, selling to consumers who increasingly want to buy local. One such example is Francis Bradshaw, who in 2014 started Moonroast, roasting coffee in a barn in rural Hampshire. This career move comes as no surprise as the Bradshaws have a century long tradition in the coffee and tea trade. In the 1800’s Richard Goodwin Bradshaw joined London’s principal tea brokers ‘Wilson Smithetts’ where he became an expert in trading and blending tea from Ceylon. Expertise in coffee has continued through genenerations of Bradshaws and Francis’ father, Haydon, is one of Britain’s top coffee tasters.

At his boutique artisan roastery Francis slow-roasts a range of premium coffees in small batches, by hand, using beans ethically sourced. Moonroast has won a host of ‘Great Taste Awards’ and has his coffees stocked in Selfridges Foodhall and a host of cafes, gastro pubs, deli’s, farm shops and restaurants.

Moonroast High res-17Moonroast Coffee_Michael Clement 1Moonroast Coffee_Michael Clement 2Moonroast Coffee_Michael Clement 3Moonroast High res-11Moonroast High res-20


Beth Ditto

BETH DITTO (Low-res PDF)-1

Beth Ditto, Former leader of ‘The Gossip’, is back with her first solo album, Fake Sugar.

Photographed for Q Magazine in London.

Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara photographed at Manchester’s Albert Hall for Q Magazine

Ellie Simmonds

Ellie Simmonds

Ellie Simmonds, OBE, Five times Paralypic Champion and World record holder photographed for Sunday Publishing.

London 2017

Commission for Shortlist

Photography commission, London Editorial Photographer

Body Double Aaron Guard and Chef Joe Sharratt

Photography Commission, London Editorial Photographer, Portraits

Tv Presenter Michael Absalom and Actor Jake Unsworth

Photography Commission, Studio Photography

Actor Brooks Livermore and Estate Agent Joshua Helliwell

Guitar Classics

Classic Guitars-2887

‘My guitar is not a thing.It’s an extension of myself. It’s who I am.’

Joan Jet


Guitar Classics is best described as a source of eye candy to anyone with a love of guitars. Located in Webbs Road in Clapham, the shop opened in 1997. Graham was originally a maths teacher living in Chelsea but following the sale of his flat in Gunter Road, to his neighbour, John Lydon, he moved south of the river and set up the shop.

Classic Guitars-2774Classic Guitars-2836Classic Guitars-9992

Vintage Fender Stratocaster, Gretsch, Rickenbacker and Gibson guitars are all sold here and clients include the Maccabees, Maxi Jazz , Mark Owen, The Lavender Hillbillies and ‘a guy who raced in the Tour de France’!! The most expensive guitar sold to date was a Gibson Les Paul which fetched £9000.

Classic Guitars-2809Classic Guitars-0003

Classic Guitars-0032Classic Guitars-0041Classic Guitars-2755For the full interview with Graham written by Luke Cole read here Guitar Classics

Telephone Box Graveyard

Unicorn Phone Boxes_Michael Clement-68

Where Phone boxes go to die?

The red telephone box is an icon of 20th century British design. Once commonplace on every street corner and village green, the telephone box is now a rare sight.In 2002 there were 92000 BT payphones across the Uk. Today thanks to mobile phones and 3G/4G connectivity, just 9400 red traditional boxes remain.

Designed by Sir Giles Gibert Scott, the original prototype is still under the left arch at the entrance to the Royal academy.The first telephone kiosks appeared inside shops and hotels in the early 1900s. Since that date there have been a host of variants of design including the original K2 model which stood at 9ft 4in and measured 3ft 6 across.

However all is not lost as the various redesigned variants are highly sought after by collectors.There’s a cemetry like no other just outside London.Dubbed the largest know ‘Telephone Box Graveyard’ you’ll find around 70 Kiosks currently laid to rest. Many of these long lost icons are being brought back to life  by craftsmen at  Unicorn Restorations. Once cleaned and restored these can cost anywhere between £2000 and £10000 each.

Unicorn Phone Boxes_Michael Clement-57Unicorn Phone Boxes_Michael Clement-56Unicorn Phone Boxes_Michael Clement-53Unicorn Phone Boxes_Michael Clement-58Phone Boxes 2Unicorn Phone Boxes_Michael Clement-60Unicorn Phone Boxes_Michael Clement-14Unicorn Phone Boxes_Michael Clement-37Unicorn Phone Boxes_Michael Clement-16Unicorn Phone Boxes_Michael Clement-24Unicorn Phone Boxes_Michael Clement-47Phone Boxes 1