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Traders of Borough Market one year on from the terror attack

borough Market-3449A year on from the terror attack at London Bridge, ES magazine revisited the famous Borough Market to see how  the traders have bounced back. Photographing the various characters it was clear to see the sense of unity and camaraderie amongst all who work at the capital’s oldest market. Former offshore fisherman Paul Day, 55, whose stall, Sussex Fish describes the first week back after the incident:

‘I’ve never seen anything like it — the reaction was amazing,’ he says, tears welling up. ‘The amount of hugging! There’s a young girl who walks through here in the mornings on her way to school called Matilda and she came through with a heart she’d made for me and her dad said, “She’s been really worried about you.” I just broke down in tears.’

Borough Market High Res-3137 FinalBorough Market High Res-3388 FinalBorough Market High Res-3212 FinalBorough Market High Res-3231Finalborough Market-3308borough Market-3406borough Market-3508

Poster Campaign for The British Legion

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Studio:         Clapham Studios

Assistant:    Todd Hickey

Retouching:   Jamie Curry



Wooden Arms_Record Shop-1121

The long awaited new single, ‘Burial‘ by the five piece Wooden Arms, is soon to be released. The band have recorded ‘an album’s worth’ of new material and showcased some of the new songs at an intimate gig at Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston, East London. In between the sound check and going on stage, I photographed the band in the nearby ‘Eldica Records‘ store.

Wooden Arms_Record Shop-1162Wooden Arms_Record Shop-1148Wooden Arms_Record Shop-1114Wooden Arms_Record Shop-1141

Artist Luc Grant

Artist Portrait, Michael Clement Photography

Luc Grant photographed in the Sculpture Room at London Fine Arts in Battersea

Luke-1042 FinalLuke-1063 Final

Mercedes Magazine

Michael Clement PhotographyLondon Photographer Michael Clement

In the company of Shilpa Bhatnagar and  Julian van Marle and loaned a new C220, my day out around London just published for Mercedes, Conde Nast Germany. Thanks to Jenny Buchholz and Minna Rossi.

Actor Cokey Falkow

portrait of actor Cokey Falkow, London

Actor Cokey Falkow was recently described by Time Out as ‘Fantastically Intelligent’. He is also multi talented, having a acting career that has seen him work worldwide, filming commercial campaigns and supporting roles in international film. And if that weren’t enough, Cokey has established himself as an edgy stand up act.

Recently I was fortunate to spend the afternoon with Cokey shooting on location in London. Great styling by Jade Alice Galston at ‘Fertha‘.

Portrait of actor Cokey Falkow, Londonportrait of Cokey FalkowPhotographic Portrait, Actor, Photographer, London Photographer, Editorial Photographer

A Bridge Too Far

Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-28

We’ve all seen or heard of the movie ‘A Bridge Too Far’. It tells of the story of ‘Operation Market Garden’ during world War 2, the Allied attempt to break through German lines and seize several bridges in occupied Holland. On September 17th 1944, thousands of paratroopers descended from the sky over Arnhem by parachute or glider. Unfortunately the daring plan did not have the expected outcome. After 10 days of bitter fighting the operation ended with evacuation and The Parachute Regiment Division left behind nearly 1500 dead and more than 6500 prisoners.

In the final scene of the film, Kate Ter Horst (Liv Ullman) and her children are forced to abandon their bombed out residence. Placing their belongings in a cart which is drawn by Dr. Spaander ( Laurence Olivier), they pass through their front yard, which has been converted to a cemetery for fallen troops. A poignant reminder of the futile nature of warfare.

In May, I was commissioned to travel with a convey of 100 London black cabs, destination Arnhem, Holland. Each cab had as a passenger a world war veteran on board, many who had seen action in Arnhem. The convey assembled in London, travelled to Harwich and the fleet of taxis then boarded a ferry to Hook of Holland. Once in Holland, major roads were closed by Dutch police. In convoy formation, this unlikely fleet of black cabs were  escorted by  outriders to the desired destination.The majority of veterans were over the age of 90 but at the time of the conflict were in their late teens or early twenties.To hear their accounts of sacrifice and loss was incredibly humbling.

Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-1Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-2Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-3Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-4Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-5Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-6Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-7Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-8Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-9Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-10Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-11Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-12Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-13Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-14Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-15Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-16Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-17Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-18Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-19Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-20Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-21Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-22Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-23Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-24Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-27Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-29Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-30Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-31Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-32Arnhem 3 Arnhem 1Arnhem 4Arnhem 5Arnhem 2Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-45Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-46Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-47Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-49Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-50Arnhem 6Arnhem 7Arhem Vets_Michael Clement-52

You’ll never believe who I had in the back of my cab !!

Cabs to Holland_April 2015_Legion_

Back in May a fleet of over 100 London black cabs took as many World War veterans to Holland to visit sites of The Battle of Arnhem and to remember lost friends. This feature for ‘The British Legion’, highlighted the great efforts and generosity of many of the cab drivers.

On the 17th Sept it is the 71st anniversary of the conflict and later in the month I will blog photos of the trip to commemorate ‘Operation Market Garden’ and to remember the huge sacrifice so many made.


Mathew_Michael Clement 1

“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past.”

Jack London

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Portraits of dancer Matthew Morris

Portraits of Mathew

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“I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,
And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
And a gray mist on the sea’s face, and a gray dawn breaking.”